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Cool First Look and Taste of the Tuningwerk M235i Beast

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Tuningwerk tuned
N55 six cylinder making 450 PS (444 HP) and 600Nm (443 LB-FT) of Torque
  • New pistons, crankshaft, rods, balanced and blue printed engine. Thermo coatings (everywhere). New beefier radiator (2cm thicker than stock) new larger oil cooler and FMIC. PPK HD radiator fan and aux water radiator. Different turbo and DME sw to run on 98 to 102 octane pump fuel (available at most German gas stations). And the engine's oil system was totally reworked to work for the high G-forces w/using slicks or semi slicks. The oil pan was a custom piece bc they couldn't use the S55's oil pan bc the front sway bar interferes on the M235i compared to the F8x cars.
6MT transmission, optional ZF 8AT (will add 45Kg's).
BBK brakes
Custom suspension
Reprogrammed EPS steering
245/275 tires on 8.5/10.5 light weight rims (15/16 lbs)
Custom LSD
Special DTC and DSC reprogramming
Over engineering the car's cooling system (water, oil, FMIC)
Custom oil pan to withstand 1.5 to 2G's of corning with use of slicks. Prevents oil foaming now.

And less than 1,500 kilograms (3306 pounds)

This M235i drives so much better than a 1M. This IS what the next M2 should be. Don't take my word for it. I hear through the ///M grapevine that this M235i is 90% of what the next M2 will be like.

I was really blown away by this car. At first it looks like a normal M235i. But the more time you look at it... the more things you spot about it being "different". This car has been put together so cleanly and tastefully. This is a serious track car that works on the street too. I was fortunate to be asked if I wanted a test drive... Hell YES! It drove AMAZING. I was most impressed by its steering response and turn in. And it had EPS steering, but reprogrammed by Tuningwerk. The power and brakes were as expected: great! But the steering is what I really liked about the car.

We will have a full feature article on this car in the future. For now here is a small taste to whet your appetite.

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