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Originally Posted by Sportstick View Post
Performance is just one aspect. The others are that I will be in that car, along with my wife, for several years, and don't want to compromise on other desires. I want satellite radio and I don't want hang-on, non-integrated navs anymore. Phone navigation while driving....tried it and it doesn't work very well, is hard to see, and very tired of stuff hanging from the windshield. They brilliantly split up satellite from nav to sell both packages...annoying, but less so than going without.

OTOH, I would not spend the money and have the parasitic performance and handling losses of the weight and mechanics of X Drive. Michigan winter experience has reinforced that a set of Blizzaks on rear wheel drive does just fine, and then there is no daily penalty the rest of the year.
I agree, if the cost-benefit analysis makes sense to the individual, go for it. I still think tech and premium are overpriced for what they offer, but of course we're talking about BMWs.

As for xdrive, the extra weight is something I'm concerned about, which is partly why I'm reluctant to go for other options that add weight. But if I'm not mistaken, the xdrive actually improves 0-60 time performance.