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Originally Posted by intoflatlines View Post
I test drove a 228i (automatic) this weekend. I loved it for what it is, which is a smallish, classy car with decent acceleration and a smooth/quiet ride. Base price is ~$35K, with the options I would want it would end up being ~$45K.

Talk some sense into me. Why does the 228i suck, and what should I look at instead?
I'm planning to buy a 2015 228i as well.

There is no absolute measure for "suck". All relative to what you want. If pure acceleration is the overwhelming requirement, this is the wrong choice. I've had enough "power" in my past that I am now looking for a well-balanced, outstanding handling (for a non-sports car), fun, efficient car. I've fed enough gas to a variety of cars, including the likes of a Viper, that just mashing the pedal to get to the next red light a bit quicker has lost its charm. I see no reason to feed a 6+ cylinder motor anymore, and pay so much for the privilege in the first place.

However, if value is the overwhelming driver, and BMW pricing is floating out of reach or reason for you, the new 2015 VW GTI or Jetta GLI also strike a good balance for the price paid, and still provide that "German car feel"! It would be interesting to go back and do back-to-back drives of the 228i and the VWs and quantify the difference you perceive versus the price. 80% of the car for 65% of the price, or similar????
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