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Looking over the posted track times from Motor Trends runs at Willow Springs makes me wonder if I'm following the trend more than I think I do. My previous car was a 2013 WRX hatchback that after all my tuning drove great but just didn't make feel special driving it. Looking at how Randy P. was able to better the time of the previous WRX models with the new M235i I now know I made the right choice just not on how I feel about driving my new BMW, but also the stock performance better than the WRX models. During my shopping period last month I really wanted to drive the new 2015 STi but was not able to score a drive in one. Looks like I would have done well had I purchased the Subaru, but the BMW does have some many cool entertainment offers that makes it worth the extra money; at least to me it does.

I will be getting my first tune on the BMW tomorrow via JB4 Stage 1 and intake and see just how much more power it makes over the stock power. My WRX on the same dyno I going to put down 287 HP and 317 Torque, which being AWD is pretty good number over the stock numbers at the wheels (4 of them). My tuner was instructed to gain as much peak Torque on the ProTune over peak HP. Expecting my BMW to exceed both of these numbers being stock.

I really love my new BMW and think it will keep me more than satisfied for next couple years which is a long time for me.