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Originally Posted by Delnari View Post
Really impressed with the big numbers just for the boltons. Now I'm wondering how much more a less restricted exhaust (from the downpipe back) would give without the tune, say the M Performance exhaust for example?

Is the downpipe catted? Any engine codes so far from the change? Keep the thread going as you make more changes. Love to see how this works out and the different options you experiment with. I was thinking a JB4 stage one as a first mod to keep it simple without having to splice anything. Maybe a better air filter too. Need to keep the car as close to stock as possible given it's a lease.

Thanks again for the post!
The stock exhaust is pretty large in diameter and it didn't seem like much of a restriction at all (pipes alone). But I don't know how it looks within the muffler though.

The downpipe is not catted, but I am surprised it doesn't smell as much as I thought. I got the emissions light on the drive back (to be expected), but the JB4 is supposed to fix all that. I think you can splice it in a way that its 100% reversible.

Originally Posted by scottp999 View Post
Nice, get ready for more fun with the JB4. They have seen about 415 whp on the 435 N55 with e85, so you should see a great pop from your mods even without e85.

Thanks! I am hoping to keep it on 91 for now and just get an intercooler to see how it does. I ran E85 on my other cars and its a little bit of a hassle for me and I just want to not have to plan out my routes this time lol.

Originally Posted by kamara1984 View Post
Nice, looks clean.

What % tint did you go with? Is that stock suspension?
I got 25% tint and it is stock for now. Getting the H&R springs in a few weeks once they start shipping out.

Originally Posted by pikcachu View Post
the first video you posted is private and can't be viewed :-(
Its public now .

Originally Posted by TAY TAY View Post
Did VMR mention how much more aggressive you could have gone with the wheels?
They said a few millimeters and possible another half inch in the rear. But I don't want anything meeting my fender as I want to be able to run 255 or 265 rear tires. Its not the fender that's really the issue, the shock is pretty close to the hub so you can't have anything too far in.

I wish we had more to test, but it was getting late.

Originally Posted by kerm1t View Post
do you know if the charge pipe made any difference? i feel like its pretty useless for n55s
I don't think there are any gains, it was more of a "response" and "precaution" mod for it. The stock one can expand and just pop open under boost, so I got something to where the diameter won't flex or have the ability of really popping under high boost. The car was on the lift and the charge-pipe was available, so it was just something I wanted to do.

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