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My M235i: Dyno w/ downpipes, chargepipe and new wheels!

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Hey everyone!

I came down from my Las Vegas, NV residence to spend some time in my San Diego house this weekend, so I thought I'd get some mods done to M235i while I was at it! I bought the car down from Fresno last week and put 700 miles on it in 4 days. This week I put tried to put on another 300 to finish my break in so I could start the dyno and mod process! Here's a story about my day:

Swung by my buddy Brian's house at 11:30AM to pick him up and got to EAS (European Auto Source) around 12PM to get a baseline dyno on good 'ole ACN 91 octane. Got an average of 307whp/322wtq for the runs bone stock.

At around 1PM, I went to Evolution Racewerks (ER) to test fit and install their downpipe and charge-pipe.

Here is the Evolution Racewerks downpipe (perfect fit):

Name:  m235i-modified1.jpg
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Stock charge-pipe -vs- Evolution Racewerks downpipe:

Name:  m235i-modified2.jpg
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The charge-pipe was a b*tch to install, so it took around 3 hours to finish the whole thing. The downpipe only took 30 mins or so, so it was super easy. The darn charge-pipe took up most of the time because of the confined space.

Went back to EAS after for an "after" dyno with the mods:

Name:  m235i-modified3.jpg
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Picked up 12whp and 25wtq with no tuning. You can DEFINITELY feel a huge difference with the downpipe though. The turbo comes on so much quicker and the torque is just plain ridiculous now. It pulls very nicely all the way to redline!

Here is a video with the ER downpipe and a few light revs. Popcorn anyone?

And dyno video:

VMR Wheels (Velocity Motoring) was next door, so why not test fit some wheels for the car while we were at it? The sad part is this car does not fit anything aggressive and it seems the fitment is a little more disappointing than the 1 series, lol.

Stock Rear Weight (no tire):

Name:  m235i-modified4.jpg
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Stock Front Weight (no tire):

Name:  m235i-modified5.jpg
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I got the VMR v705 (18x8 +45) squared setup which was ~2 pounds lighter than the stock wheels! The 1-series rim fitment and 2-series fitment seem to be a lot different. I recommend contacting VMR and seeing what they would recommend for you since they used my car for fitment/measurements. I am not a poke / rolled fenders guy since I get whatever fits on stock body to run wider tires for the road-course. I will be running a 245/255 tire setup most likely with these rims.

Name:  m235i-modified6.jpg
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The final product:

Name:  m235i-modified7.jpg
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Overall, I really like the rims. Not only are they lighter, but they look better and give the car a "cleaner" look over the stock rims in my opinion. I kept the BMW centercaps because I like how the blue/white matches with the white car and blue brakes .

BIG BIG BIG thanks to:

Tom & Steve @ EAS
Fred @ ER
Edgar & Matt @ VMR
Brian - For coming with me and taking all the videos and pictures!

It was a long day, but it was nice to get some things ironed out. I will be getting an intake test fitted the upcoming week, so I'll post an update about that. Then on to the JB4 tune and dyno .

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