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Originally Posted by VanosKickedInYo View Post
I'm a Huge 1M Coupe Fan but some of these fanboys needs to take a chill pill...

No one is actually saying the m235i is 'better' and an actually replacement for the 1M...

People who feel threatened that their 1 Series are going to be 'overshadowed' by the 2 series needs to grow some balls.

The most Arrogant statement One can make is NOT the fact that the 2Series will be an improvement on a 5-6 year old Model... The most arrogant/ignorant statement will be trying to assert that the 1series is superior to the 2Series when the 2Series was developed by BMW to succeed the 1series... + I mean the 2Series is hardly even out and people are getting their panties up in their croutches...

Just because BMW makes a successor, is not a guarantee it will be better.

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