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Motor Trend reviews the M235i

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The reviewer loved it.

"Initially" is the key word, because the more I drove the M235i, the more it reminded me of that orange 1M, and the more the jealousy started to disappear. Consider the performance data. The 1M was a party-sized M3, putting down the same numbers as its V-8 big brother. But despite the M235i's perceived shortcomings, it's right on the pace of those two. At 4.4 seconds to 60 mph and 13.0 seconds to the quarter mile (fastest run performed without launch control), the M235i is just 0.2 second behind the 1M. Braking performance is improved too, with a best stop of 103 feet from 60 mph (better by 2 feet). Most interesting, the M235i's 0.97 g skidpad average and 24.9-second figure-eight lap time is off the 1M's pace by just 0.01 average g and 0.1 second, respectively. The M235i could be faster, too. Our test car didn't have that optional locking diff, and, as a result, had difficulty on corner exit in the figure eight.

The M235i is one of the best-driving BMWs in recent memory, on par with the 1M and the last-generation M3 not only in performance standards, but also in how much it makes you smile. Even more tantalizing, a stickier and more powerful M2 is surely in development. But for now, the M235i's non-limited production numbers mean you too can have one. You no longer have to be jealous of orange 1Ms running around your neighborhood. Considering how much better the M235i looks, it might even go the other way around.

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