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Originally Posted by MegaMatt3 View Post
Ok so if I custom order a BMW by walking into a dealer, that never comes out of dealer allocations? Or is it more complicated than that? Why would a dealer sell me a car if there's no profit in it for them?
The answer is it depends on if the manufacturer is allowing the dealer to order from outside of what they are allocated. M235i, still comes out of allocation. When demand dies a bit BMW will want to move more units so they will allow it to not come out of allocations. See my previous answer for more details.

A dealer will NEVER sell you a car with no profit. Even when they sell it to you for 500 above their costs there are still other incentives they get such as rebates and hold backs which guarantee more profit. And they will sell for that kind of number because some profit is better than no profit especially if it doesn't count against them.

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