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Originally Posted by Deso View Post
Does PCD fall in the same boat as EU when it comes to dealer allocations?

Bonus question: do they still charge destination and handling if you get PCD?

It has nothing to do with ED or PCD. A dealer is allocated a certain number of cars with better performing dealers getting higher allocations. When you special order a car, it either comes from a spot that the dealer already had allocated for them or one that is not out of any allocation.

When a dealer sells you a car that comes from their allocation they generally do not sell it for a tiny profit (think invoice plus 500) since they will be losing one of their guaranteed cars.

Occasionally the manufacturer will run specials and try move more units of certain models. When this happens dealers can special order as many as they want without it affecting any of their guaranteed slots. So, since they can sell as many as they want, some won't mind taking a small profit and going for volume.

A new model car almost always comes out of allocations because the manufacturer still has to see what the demand is and make sure they are able to supply a fair amount to all dealers.

And to answer your second question, it does not matter where you have your car delivered, you are always paying 925 handling and destination. Yes, even to get to the PCD, a car has to be taken off a boat, clear customs and then be trucked to the PCD.

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