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Okay I'm back and trying to up load the pictures and videos so standby.

Oh and regarding the steering, this is how I see it, the recent best was my M3 followed by active steering from my 2011 E90. Next would be the M235 followed by the 4 series with DHP and last 3 series standard.

Unfortunately, the reality is hydraulic steering is gone and at some point most of us will forget about it after living with EPS for a number of years. And as all the competitors going to EPS you'll be less able to compare, but eventually they will improve and maybe they'll even surpass what we were used to with the hydraulic. I have to say the steering was very sharp very precise. Yes road feel was a little limited but it didn't annoy me in the way that the 3 series did. I'm not sure if I'm just getting used to it, or excepting it but it's not any kind of dealbreaker, at least for me.
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