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M235i at BMW Welt (and more)

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Hey there guys,
I've been to the Welt today to see how the M235i looks in person. And it really looks incredible, I can tell you!
The first "meeting" though, was on the Autobahn as we drove towards Munich. A white M235i overtook us:

So as we got to BMW Welt we went straight to the main attraction! Melbourne Red suits the car perfect IMO.
I think it makes it look a bit sportier than the white one, but tastes are different. And I have to say that you really can't capture the colour in pictures. It looks so much deeper in person! Here are a few shots.

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Then we headed back to the center of Munich and what stopped at a red light (Sakhir Orange F80 M3)?!

[See Sakhir Orange F80 M3 Photos]

A Yas Marina Blue M4 was also driving by, but I couldn't take a pic. They sound awesome! Like a race engine!
There were also two X5M, a 4 Series Gran Coupe, a 2 Series Active Tourer and two i8 all in camouflage. So if you want to see some new cars, go to Munich!!