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BMW is famous for building the wrong cars:

Z1 (FWD) instead of Z4 M
M3 GranTourer instead of M3 Touring
X1 M instead of M7
i8 instead of M1
2 Series ActiveTourer instead of 2 Series GranCoupé
4 Series "GranTourer" instead of 4 Series GranCoupé

Originally Posted by Double Bubble View Post
There are CLAs and Audi A3s to fill this gap.
BMW should spend more development money on making a Halo car (aka M8)
CLA and A3 are FWD(-based), 2er GranCoupé would be RWD. If BMW doesn't have the money to build a 4 door with trunk F2X, they'll have even less money to build a supercar from scratch. BMW doesn't have even one sportscar in their portfolio.

Yes, SCOTT, I know they are 20 years ahead of competition with i8.