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Originally Posted by IEDEI
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Wasn't trying to nudge anything towards anyone, sorry if you got butt hurt about it. Wasn't my intention.

Just seeing a lot of criticism for no reason.

Granted the 135is is an awesome choice and I can't blame you for picking one up. Congrats and I certainly hope you enjoy it

do you really think there will be an LSD option? i see no evidence there will be. It's not in the options list published a few days ago----and the M135i doesn't have an LSD option either. Where are you guys getting the info that it will have LSD?
I'm pretty certain the M135i comes standard with an LSD? Not sure about that, but I've heard that somewhere.

Either way, in an interview with the M boss awhile back. He said he wrote off the LSD for the M235i to make it available. Whether it's an option or not, is not known. I'm thinking it will be available from the M Performance line like it is on the 4 series.