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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
I don't think the DCT will be offered, will it?
From the info going around seems the ZF 8spd with be the AT.
If they offer the DCT as well, then that will be 3 choices.

My current 335i Msport has the ZF sport AT and it's a fantastic automatic.
I actually like it more than DCT and DSG in terms of smoothness, and the shifts are ultra fast as fast as the S4 with 7spd DSG.

My 135i was MT.
I'm really looking forward to the 2 series, especially if BMW makes a small sedan as well.
After driving my 335i AT for about 10 months, I think I'm going back to MT.
The sport AT is amazing, but it's not at all a replacement for the MT experience, even in manual mode.
It's a great alternative compared to dual clutch trans though.
Smoother due to the torque converter, and shifting is just as fast due to ZF's technology in this trans.
Yeah, I doubt there will be a DCT for the F22. The ZFHP8 shifts nearly as fast, is lighter, and easier to use around town.