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Just got back from the NYIAS.

Earlier in this post, my interest was leaning towards the CLA & S3 for wanting a smaller, sportier sedan without breaking the bank.

Well after inspecting the CLA/CLA45 AMG. I can honestly say that this car didn't really do it for me. I'm not sure what it is, but the AMG didn't impress me as far as aesthetics and interior goes. Both models were on a rotating platform so I couldn't get a closer look. However the AMG models' "Quad Exhaust" was really a single pipe behind each faux dual pipe. Not sure if this is a production model or not, but that to me is a little cheap looking. That's just my opinion.

So now I'm down to the S3, which unfortunately wasn't at the show; M235i, which is yet to be seen and now a 335i M-Sport, but with mild options.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts on that.

On a side note, the one manufacturer that really surprised me was Cadillac. Their whole lineup including the ATS, CTS and even their new ELR plug-in electric car looked really good. The ELR looks really sporty for an electric car that's competing with the Volt.