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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Back from NYC but was not involved with the NYIAS.

The M235i is a little rocket , especially when let loose on freshly fallen snow. basically the M135i but with more direct chassis and dynamic involvement as per the other 2er models. It really loves to play and will let you. It is not a 1M but it is no less dynamically unfaithful but its potential shines for future M involvement.
Which brings us back to the M philosophy that the base car has to be outstanding to become a true M and there is no doubt about the M235i.

Did you see the pre-marketing has begun? We are familiarising people with the 2 and to show the genealogical aspect of 2 we go back in time to the 2002 in someway a spiritual ancestor to the current 1er Coupe and bringing it full circle with the forthcoming 2er.

The 2er will be filming in Los Angeles very soon.

Of course if the 2er does not float your boat as they say , there is exciting BMW news just two weeks away.
Scott, I am in the market for a new car this year. Is there any chance in hell the M235i will come in at under $40k? I know there probably isn't any word on pricing yet, but what do you think? If it isn't to be under $40k I am probably going to for a Z4 3.0si Coupe (Roadster is still a possibility, but I would prefer a coupe). I am literally screaming at ya'll to take my money. Please help me help you!

I take it the m3 is what is going to be revealed in two weeks.

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