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Originally Posted by Ramos
Isn't the B38 a 3 cylinder 1.5L? Anyway the down side of an I4 has to be more lag than an I6 with the same HP target assuming similar technology
Yes it is. But, an inline 3 has many of the characteristics (better sound and smoother than an i4) of an inline 6 in a smaller, lighter package. An i3 would also have all of its weight a a good bit behind the front wheels, which really be good for handling. As you can tell, I really like the b38. Lol

A smaller engine doesn't necessarily mean more lag. The N20 is already pushing 270hp. With a better intake, exhaust, and maybe a small displacement bump you could easily be at 300hp. None of those things will increase the lag at all. And since an i4 is lighter, it doesn't have to have the same hp target as an i6.