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BMW M2 engine of choice poll

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Reading through the latest threads here on 2ADDICTS, I realized how split we are on our preference of engines that will power the upcoming and much anticipated M2 and M2 Gran Coupe ..

Since we still have to wait 2 plus years before we can have one of those babies on our driveways, I figured why not pass the time with an official poll to see where the engine preference really stands! Silky smooth 6 or weight saving 4 pot ..

Make your choice known and tell us why !

My thread made the home page
The number of votes has tripled in one day

Update on poll results as of 5/6

Now with 344 votes, here is what we know:

* 83% + overall favor the I6
* A whopping 57% of respondents see the potential of an I4 as a deal breaker

Hopefully BMW is listening

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