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Originally Posted by Jason
It could be just my personal interest in a smaller sporty sedan, but at NYIAS, BMW's display just doesn't seem very exciting (no debuts of any truly exciting models didn't help) considering the CLA45 was revealed in Mercedes' exhibit right next to BMW's.

BMW is now playing a catch up game against the CLA45 and S3 unfortunately.

My younger brother just bought a 2013 S4 last night and for $47k after negotiation, it's a hard price to beat when looking at a similar performance 335i/xi.

I currently drive a 2011 135i and my lease will be coming up within a years time. I would like a small sedan with AWD, but also want a sportier car like my 135i, without spending $53k+ after options. As of right now, BMW offers no option for a car I would like and I'm sure I'm not alone with other potential customers.

So, yeah, BMW is going to have to play catch up. I am really anxious to see what the M235i has to offer and I might go with that in the end, but I really would like 4 doors this time.

I'll be going to the NYIAS next Wednesday and I'll be more interested in checking out the CLA45 AMG and the Audi S3, although if I were to go Audi, I would just jump up to the S4. It would of been nice if BMW announced their 2 series at this show, as it might of distracted buyers from the Audi and Mercedes booth