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I'll start by some data (but I can't guarantee 100 % accuracy):

S54: 217 kg
S65: 202 kg
S85: 240 kg
N64: 228 kg
N54: 195 kg
N52: 161 kg
N20: 138 kg

Now we are in a FI era. Engine capacity is no more that important. From an engineers/performance perspective an engine making same power/torque but being lighter is a better choice. As the 3.0 I6 vs. 3.3l V6 debate for the M3, the same debate appears for the M2, between a 3.0l I6 vs. 2.2l I4. A 3.3l I6 is unlikely to come, it would cost too much. I personally don't believe in the "420 PS" figure of the up-coming M3, unless it is a slightly different version of the engine found in the new Alpina B3. M2 is expected to get +360 PS.