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Originally Posted by kevinlevrone View Post
I don't think it's possible to have an M235i with 6 cylinder engine and an M2 with 4-cylinder engine. It would be stupid in any marketing book.

I think the M2 will have a 335-350hp N55 engine, kind of like the 1M versus 135i.
The I6 engine you are describing is not a BMW M engine, but a BMW AG engine. You wish a BMW AG engine in a BMW M car? Seriously? It will be another fail for me, the reason why I didn't pull the trigger on a 1M with pimped N54.

Well, M2 with 4 cylinder might be stupid in your book, but not in the BMW M engineers' book:

BMW 325i E30: 2.5l I6
BMW M3 E30: 2.3l I4

BMW 540i E34: 4.0l V8
BMW M5 E34: 3.6l I6

Well, again if you prefer ///Marketing over ///Masterpiece Engineering, you are freely entitled to your wrong opinion.

Originally Posted by HoundForHire View Post
The current 1er in the US has the DCT, and its a better car for it- If BMW can't find a way to let me PAY them $$ to put a DCT in my car, and I'm not impressed with the 8AUT, then I won't buy it, that simple. Have no issue with the rumored inline 4 in the M2, would welcome it honestly. They'd be building something special.

I have a real issue with moves like this , the regionalization of these "global" products. BMW: People will pay you money for being able to build the car they want. Figure it out, before someone else does.
We also have DCT on current 135i E8X. But next generation won't have it. I'm not arguing which tranny is better. I'm just saying it won't. Don't blame me, blame BMW's cost reduction strategy. But it is possible the M2 will get DCT, be the engine I6 or the more likely I4.