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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
BMW doesn't offer DCT for AG cars anymore (current Z4 E89 and 1 Series E82 are last of their kind). Now AG car only have 8AUT, or the optional sport version, which is as good, if not better than DCT. DCT is only reserved for M cars. If you want DCT you'll have to get the M2, and not the M235i. But then you might not like the 4 banger of the M2.
The current 1er in the US has the DCT, and its a better car for it- If BMW can't find a way to let me PAY them $$ to put a DCT in my car, and I'm not impressed with the 8AUT, then I won't buy it, that simple. Have no issue with the rumored inline 4 in the M2, would welcome it honestly. They'd be building something special.

I have a real issue with moves like this , the regionalization of these "global" products. BMW: People will pay you money for being able to build the car they want. Figure it out, before someone else does.