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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
With the car being 2+ years away I think it's important that prospective owners and enthusiasts chime in with everything they hope this car to be!!

I'm going to add to the discussion thus far with the hopes that Individual options will be available for this car. Should be, as it's an ///M, but because it's in the 2 family (and new 1ers in Europe) which hasn't ever been able to be "individualized", I'm not sure. Anyone else in for the ability for unique paint, interior leather, etc, etc???
For the powerplant, I would expect that we would see a version of the N55 successor, or maybe BMW's forthcoming electric turbocharging tech. I would like a different engine in the M2 than other M vehicles.

The fact that the BMW Individual program didn't come stateside in 2012 probably means it's never coming, which is a bit of a slap in the face for all US BMW buyers. The new 3, the M5, and the M6 all launched without a peep about individual options. Scott26 mentions BMW being "global" quite often, but this and many other areas seem to prove otherwise. I'm curious how long the tropes of the industry will continue from the company who is in a leadership role.

Of course, its not just BMW. I would love an Audi s3 hatch here, or a Golf R with DSG, but... yeah.