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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
I don't think anybody said that. The point is that the M2 will just not "need" that extra.

If BMW will not do that, spend R&D for an M2 worthy engine, it will be really disapointing for all true BMW enthusiasts. How come the everything that made up BMW is now done better by its rivals? How is it Audi Quattro can spend on a "new" 2.0l I4 making 300 PS, evenmoreso Mercedes AMG on a brand new 2.0l I4 making 350 PS (if rumors are true)?

I really do not know what will an I6 bring for an M2? The BRZ/GT86 was voted COTY by so many journals, on paper it was really to worst, and even in real life its 200 Nm are almost shameful for a car called sportscar.

I do understand you however, for getting from a V8 (E9XM) to an I4 (M2).
Levi you make some valid points and if you and the others hoping for an I-4 are correct, it had better be able to satisfy the consumers expecting sufficient torque and the right visceral excitement. And yes you're right, I'm used to the V-8's and the fabulous N55 and N54 motored cars that I have/have had along with all the other bimmers I've owned since 1979 (and those early ones were 4 cylindered btw....all I could afford back then lol).

But just so you know that I'm not a complete 4 cyl hater, I've got a Golf R in the family that's tuned to approx. 300 hp and similar torques. Fabulous car, fun car, does most everything exceptionally well and it's fast and has lots of grunt's a 4. And I know it every second that I'm in it. Then again, the Golf R and similarly sized hot hatches like the Renault Megane 265, Opel/Vauxhall VXR, Focus ST and all the other 2.0 L wondercars you guys have in Europe (ok we've got the ST now) are meant to have 4's. It's what the market continues to demand and what auto manufacturers do best.....for this class of automobile.

If I did a seat of the pants, side by side comparison of my R with our N/A 135i right now - on road or on track - there'd be "one" clear winner. No pun intended. Ramp that up to a comparison between the R and the M135i and BMW could be arrested for bullying. One step further with an R or similar vs the 1M and the comparisons become absolutely pointless.

Is BMW ///M suddenly going to fight fair in 2015??? I think not. I hope not. In my mind, despite the similar sizing and intended purpose of all these vehicles, the BMW's occupy and define a different class. They seem to have a knack for this and I'd be surprised to see them change their game with the M2.

Last point.....I was really excited a few months ago when a good friend bought a FR-S (our BRZ/GT86). Got to drive it/ride in it quite a lot since then. Pretty cool car but on the road where all of us drive almost all of the time (come on, be honest...track days are just a once-in-awhile treat) it is harsh, noisy, way too underpowered, cheesy inside with hard plastic everywhere and the list goes on. Great seats, gearbox and steering feel though. And it's tossable as all of the journalists have said. But I could never live with this car as is. An I-6 would fix it right up

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