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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
All of this is great news...

But do understand, the M2 will be lighter than the 1M coupe & much more refined and focused. It will def have a 4-cyl w/ secret M-sauce..

I would expect nearly 200lbs lighter and slightly higher revs, with matching tq figures as the 1M coupe. Win/win
Everything you say here is possible and loveable too. The only exception is the tq figure, you are not going to have a matching tq to a 1M from a 4 cylinder turbo. The avarage dyno puts stock 1Ms 550-560 nm range, way above advertised 450+50 nm figure. For the moment the highest tq from a 2 liter 4 cylinder in a mass production car is (correct me if I am wrong) the Astra OPC which makes 400 nm (equal of a regular N54 or N55, but just on paper, all N54s and N55s make more) and in the near future we will see the production car record very probably broken by the Mercedes A45 AMG with 450 nm from their new 2 liter. So, none of them in reality matches, even gets close to the N54 version in the 1M.

For people who likes to put it in perspective the 1M makes around 360 hp and the full bolt on cars with a tune (but keeping the stock turbos) easily passes 450 hp, with most aggressive tunes going low 500s. Those cars are able to hit 700 nm or more tq, which is higher than a Aventador's V12 and in the same level with a stock F10 M5.

In short, you are not going to have much more than that really in any small M car in the foreseeable future but since making power is not at all the most significant part of an M car, I am absolutely not denying progress here. Lightness is the key. 1M was not a light car, not at all, it is a heavy car for the size but the tq makes it feel light in most circumstances which is not the same thing. That's probably only real issue with 1M imo.

This is nothing more than a little note, limited on tq figure, on your high expectations from the M2, otherwise I would love to see what you describe happens in the near future: really light, small or compact enough, powerful enough, torquey and a bold design. If these all blend together well then it will have the most important of all, a character of its own and not 1M's or new M3's. Make it BMW M and I will cry amen!
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