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The M2 is a car that I might be really interested if it comes out right. The other car I was leaning towards was a jcw coupe. I liked my E46 M3 so much that I would like to find something small and nibbled like it. These new cars are getting too large and computer controlled. I understand the concept behind all the saftey.

Beside the E30, my era was the E46. So for me that was the best M car, well for me. But when the 1M came out I fell in loved and missed out as I had currently own the E92 M3. But with the prices so high on a used one because it so limited. I'm hoping the M2 is also built on the same spirit or platform as the 1M pure enjoyment and fun. Not about lap times but about good handling and yet once in awhile letting the rear end out. Also being light and small.

That's why I was looking into a jcw coupe because its small, especially because it's a coupe and lots of fun, not fast by any means but very fun at the track, as I have experience on my current mini. But I'm willing to wait for the M2.
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