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Originally Posted by SCOTT26
Originally Posted by Matski View Post
Thanks for the info SCOTT, appreciate it.

The 6-er is the M650d Gran Coupe (according to SCOTT) there is an LCI M5 though.

The Rolls is a Rolls and not a Bentley.
I think by looking at the wheels of the 6 that it is an M6 Gran Coupe. The car still tests even after launch up to press launch. I have seen a 650d which will be evident by its M-Sport aeropacket and M Performance alloys.

Little piece of trivia for you all. Every car in that compound will eventually be crushed.

Scott, very interested to hear your impressions of the 3GT after your trip - your questions are exactly what I am wondering; ie, if it handles like a 3er with a little more luxury interior, that could be a winner - from the pics I actually thought the M Sport looked ok, though always hard to tell until you see it in the metal!

Very much looking forward to hearing your impressions.
So far I have not had the opportunity to properly exploit the car as we will be leaving in around two hours from now. but my first impressions are very impressive , its still a 3er but with added individuality and flexibility.

The car is very quiet in that it is well insulated to keep road noise to a bare minimum, it is almost similar to a 3er in how it drives if not a little more refined and just as quick. I ran a 320d till around this time last year till June and was impressed by the overall competency , I am hoping the 3er GT will return the same.
The interior is first rate , there is higher standard of leather and individual stitching to lift the interior from its 3er origins. Cargo space is impressive but it is fitted with the roof attatched ski-rack. It will certainly be a talking point at its destination.

The M-Sport Packet is stunning in reality. The wheels seen in the scooped LA picture are the optional 19"over the standard 18".
Scott, thanks for that insight on the 3GT. My interest is growing; I'm going to need something bigger than my 1M and while I realise it's apples / oranges, there is something about this upcoming 3GT that has me keenly observing news as it comes to hand. Enjoy Switzerland and the holidays!