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Originally Posted by richardg View Post
I think what is most important is for BMW to keep the upcoming 2 and new 1 the same size forever. They need something small for small families or those who like small cars. Outside of a z4 you have no options with BMW. I know the industry as a whole has made larger cars but there is nothing wrong with a small car. Heck Nissan made the 370 smaller than the 350. If they make a 2 small like an e36-e46 sized car with a nice sleek roof line they can really hit it out of the park in my book. I don't know if that would sell enough to make money but I can hope. I like the size of the 1m but I do think it's a little tall.
I agree wholeheartedly with this. The 3, 5, 7, every single series from BMW has grown in size since their inception, and I'd hate to see the 1&2 suffer from this as well. They're SUPPOSED to be the entry level, light, tossable, sporty cars! The F30 3 series is the same kind of size as an E39 5 series. The cars are growing too much and need to stop!