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Originally Posted by formula M View Post

Since the fact that from 2013 on... BMW is renaming their entire line up, so that Coupes are evens series, & Sedans are odd series.
BMW is not ranaming their entire line up just because somebody got out of his-her bed in the morning with an idea.
There is a hard market need behind it; the 2, 4, 6 series Coupes, Gran Coupes and Convertible models are placed on the market few years after the 1,3,5 series cheaper sedans.
The investment in 2,4,6 series does not return, if this more expensive versions get an "outdated" design status after 3 years because the cheaper 1,3,5 series already entered with a new generation styling.

With the separate 2,4,6 series nomenclature BMW introduced (is introducing) a separate model line; these cars should not be considered a 3series Coupe. 5series and 3series are technically as much similar as the new 4series to the 3series.