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I wonder how much the negative reaction to the headlights of the F20 1-series influenced the design of these lights.
Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
None. The only people who have negative reactions to the lights are people on forums, never actually seen the car and outspoken media who a majority have yes, never seen the car in real life.
Ill quote a large Norweigan car review (a review that gets published on several other sites)
Headline: BMWs ugly duckling!

Ill do a rough translation of one paragraph.
Not prettier in real life
Vi though maybe the car would look better when we saw it in real life. Often cars look better in real life than on pictures....
......But we find the 1-series to be as little charming as we though. The big downside is the front with the big headlights.

I you watch say, Chris Harris reviews of M135I and Audi RS3. You can easily tell between the lines that he does not like the look of the 1-series. (He has written so). But many car magazines have to try and stay objective about the looks and wont fault the looks just because they personally are not a big fan.
I have read several reviews that are not too fond of the headlights.

I see the same everywhere on car forums. In the US, UK and other places. There are few people who find the headlights good looking and attractive. Most say they are ugly.

You might say, but that are only forum people, they are a special breed of people that only complain. Of course people will easily express their negative opinion about a car on a forum. But everybody I have asked and talked with would say the 1-series have the least attractive headlights of 1-5 series cars. Many think they are ugly.

The first time I went into a BMW dealer and saw it, a sales man asked me what I though. I said it looked nice, much better than in the pictures. That blurted out of me. But I don't really find it good looking at all with the headlights. Which is the main reasons why I have stayed away from it. I still might be a potential customer, I could live with the looks since its such a good RWD car, but I hope they come with a face-lift on the 1-series soon. And that the 2-series will look good!