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The important thing to remember between the last generation and this generation of 1er (F20) is that it is a second generation model.

At BMW for first generation models they are given a mandatory two year establishment period to determine whether they are successful for further model progress. The F20 does not need that because we have had the first generation of 1er to prove how popular and successful the series is that considering second generation models is actually more simpler than in first generation as what will be replaced , deems a replacement because they are already established.

I was pretty excited for this and then I saw the new Cayman. Man the industry is giving me a hard decision between an M2, Cayman, or BRZ and Keeping the E92. Lots of cool stuff out there.
As I said on the F20 Forum, you will be watching the seventh Star Wars film before you get behind the wheel of an M2.
There is still some time to go.
There will be a M235i model in the F22/F23 and F24.

OK, this would make sense...
except they already backed-out of doing this when they introduced the Z4. They said the 3-series coupes would become the 4-series, which didn't happen, and then they introduced the 1-series coupes, which could have easily been called the 2-series if they wanted to implement the scheme you've outlined; but they didn't.
Last time as they say , they got cold feet because of the M3. This time as I informed some journalists at the private i3 Coupe Preview night and at the LA Autoshow today without giving the secret (which is already known) Everything for the 3er Coupe and Cabrio replacements will be new , everything.
It is going to happen.
Last time around Audi did not have the A5 to show why seperating your line is more lucrative.

I remember back in late 2004 seeing both the 135i M Sport with a 2er badge and a E92/E93 with a 4er badge. Now BMW understands the potential and it is bringing these designations to reality.
Step 1.