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Originally Posted by five_timer View Post
Excuse my ignorance, but I seem to be missing the purpose behind a 2-series. If this 2 convertible is so similar to the 1, why don't they just give the 1 a facelift? I mean, the 1- and 3-series are very different cars, but this 2 is just like the 1, and god knows there's already a limited market for the 1. So what gives?
It's quite logical.
The 2 series cars are coming out few years after the 1 series.
In this few years there are always design shifts and new market expectations.
It's impossible to present a new fresh 2 series car, that stays on the market for 7 years, with a design that is already "lived out".
Or think in the opposite direction; one year before the new 1 series comes out, the sales of that "old" design are already at the lowest point; so the 2 series is a "dead" design at half of its life-exactly what happened to the 1 series Coupe right now.