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Originally Posted by brio View Post
Thank goodness they addressed those hideous headlights.
Humanity be praised somebody took an axe at those headlights.

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
None. The only people who have negative reactions to the lights are people on forums, never actually seen the car and outspoken media who a majority have yes, never seen the car in real life.

The F20 1er is actually proving to successful...
The car was chosen by the BMW board because of its distinctive appearance. I was recently pointed out a new Golf on the streets of Munich but you would never know because it is completely anonyomus.
The 1er is in no way anonyomus.
The same only-people who preorded more Mercedes A class than the mass market Golf VII? at VW they almost got a stroke...
and at BMW somebody very high up was thinking how a "distinctive" 1er design can do wonders for the competition (that has a technically very inferior car)

you probably remember what happened to Herr Panke,.... after Susane had a go at him

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