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Exclamation Breaking: First BMW 2 Series Spied! F23 Convertible Spotted in Munich

Breaking: First BMW 2 Series Spied! F23 Convertible Spotted in Munich
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This just in... we've finally spotted the BMW 2 Series! Seen undergoing winter testing in Munich is this 2 Series Convertible (F23) prototype. If you recall from 2006, the very first 1 Series prototype ever spotted was also the convertible version, prior to the coupe model.

What do we see?

To the delight of many F20/F21 1 Series hecklers, even through the camouflage it appears the 2 Series headlights will indeed be sleeker and sportier! A comparison (photo below) against an F20/F21 1 Series prototype at this stage of camouflage shows the size and shape differences between the headlights already. The photos do not reveal whether the headlights connect to the kidney grilles as it does on the F30 and upcoming models such as the next X5 (F15).

The second most prominent thing we notice is more forward leaning front fascia, which gives the 2 Series a sportier overall front end look compared to the more upright F20/F21 1 Series. There is still significant camouflage cladding in front of the kidney grilles, so it remains to be seen whether this is just clever camo or the bodywork underneath follows the forward leaning angle of the camouflage.

Overall, compared to the F20/F21 1 Series and the current E88 1 Series Convertible, the 2014 2 Series Convertible projects a sportier look even in this early camouflage form, in particular from the A pillar forward - with its downward sloping and more raked appearance.

As expected, the folding convertible top remains cloth construction and appears similar in appearance and folding points as the current E88 1 Series Convertible.

Future 2 Series Lineup

The 2 Series models will be built on the same RWD platform as the current 1 Series hatchbacks (F20/F21) and is expected to spawn the following lineup:
• 2 Series Coupe (F22)
• 2 Series Convertible (F23)
• 2 Series Gran Coupe (four door coupe) - still speculative [more info].
• 2 Series Gran Sports Tourer (Hyundai Veloster type vehicle) - still highly speculative [more info].
• M235i M Performance Automobile - expected to be the first M Performance Automobile model offered in the US. It will be the 2 Series version of the highly regarded petrol M135i.
• M2 Coupe - successor to current 1M coupe, recently rumored to be 4 Cylinder [more info].
• M2 Gran Coupe - M version of 2 Series Gran Coupe to compete with Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG and Audi S3 Sedan; still speculative [more info].

Although we have spotted the F23 convertible first, the F22 coupe will begin production first. Both models will begin production in the second half of 2013. We'll share information on exact dates soon.

* Click on images for high resolution versions *

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Compare against F20 1 Series camouflaged headlights

And for fun, here's a spy pic of the current E88 1 Series Convertible from 2006.