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Originally Posted by ovekvam View Post
But why should a small car be significantly cheaper than a large car? People don't buy small cars because they can't afford a large car, but because they want a small car. Even if it costs more.

Small cars have quite a few advantages. They are usually lighter with better handling. They are easier to park and drive around narrow city streets. It takes less time to clean it. It takes less time to heat it up or cool it down. It is less likely to get stuck in slippery conditions. It consumes less energy/fuel. It pollutes less. It has less brake lining and tire wear.

Did you ever see a review of a Ferrari 458 where it was mentioned that you could get a larger car for less money?

The F30 (3-series) would have to be significantly cheaper than the F20 for me to even consider buying one. It is simply too large.
While by no means I like big cars, I strongly disagree I should pay more for them because:'

they use less material
usually have less equipment as standard
usually have cheaper materials or less sound insulation
usually have less leg-storage room, usually do not have latest technology
usually due to size are not as safe given a collision with a bigger car
usually are powered by smaller cheaper engines
usually use basic tech (i.e. metal vs aluminium etc)
their long distance handicap is an equal to big car's city driving handicap

Not to mention, a small car generally looks a bit wierd and is a challenge to make it look nice, though boy some try hard (Mini is a good example, this I3 bmw is not bad either). But for general size, 3 was perfect before it grew.

Let's put it another way - if I can seat behind myself in the 2er grand coup, without hitting with my head the ceiling or the seats ahead - I'm sold.

Originally Posted by ovekvam View Post
But my point is that they are not necessarily identically configured. Maybe the small car is more of an enthusiast car, while the large car is a more simple utility car. A more sporty car is usually more expensive than a family transporter.

Because of the typically American thought that bigger must be better, the small car often ends up with cheaper solutions. I don't like that. Now we see more and more small premium cars, and then it is natural that the small car can be more expensive than bigger models from the same brand.

Examples of a large cheap car is the VW Caddy Maxi.
Yeah but we compared within BMW range. Within that range I would expect the 220d GC to cost around SAME as 320d but less than 420d GC or 420d Coupe. So based on this assumption which is fairly accurate based on their pricing, I would say a 320d might make more sense.

The only advantage of a small car I can see is that it will hold price better - but I don't buy cars brand new so for me it's not issue to worry about bleeding 10k-15k EUR per year in depreciation.

BTW, I'm having a pure EUro angle here, not from US.
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