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Originally Posted by KSERGEI-BY View Post
Front end is a bit strange, but everything else is ok.
yeah, side and rear and looks great!

Front end is a little strange. I think the headlights look good. But could have been have a bit more like the F30 headlights. A little tinier, and sleeker, but still agressive.
BMW kidneys are a little too big.
Bumper design, at least on M-sport version should be be a bit more agressive.
Hood looks quite huge and bulgy. The car is a a bit chubby from that front/side picture. But looks good in side profile.
BMW should take some of this design into the front in my opinion:

BUT, all of that is just nitpicking. Best looking "5-door 1-series" to date.
This in coupe version as an M2 should look fantastic!

If I was in charge of the car I would probably make a hatchback style trunk, with the coupe lines it already have. Then it would be much more practical. And it would be a nice thing between the 1-series hatcback and the 3-series sedan.

If a car journalist complains about the rear seats being small, or the headroom in the rear is bad for people above 182cm, and it should have been larger. I will kick them in the ... It is a 2-series! Not a 3/4 series. Or a 5, 6, 7 series. It is supposed to be smaller and lighter!