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Originally Posted by ovekvam View Post
But why should a small car be significantly cheaper than a large car?
Did you ever see a review of a Ferrari 458 where it was mentioned that you could get a larger car for less money?
It should be cheaper because it is within the same brand, within the logical line-up of the brands different models.
Therefore it has to cost less than the same package (motor, interior, options, ...) from a larger model.
So a 235i M sport should cost less than a 335i M sport.
A 220d should cost less than a 320d.

Ofcourse a 235i can cost more than a 320d.

Don't understand why you don't understand this ? It's simple economics.
A smaller car uses less material, thus costs less, than its own identically configured bigger brother.

And yes, there have been many Ferrari vs M5 debates.