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Originally Posted by research View Post
it will be great BMW, small and nimble and good looking.

Problem? THe price.
This gran coupe will be like Apple's new IpadMini. Pointless. I will bet that it will cost MORE than the 3 series sedan in base spec, and when well equipped will be may be 10% cheaper than normally equipped 3 series that carries by default more 'standard' options.

In other words - buy this thing used if you don't wanna burn all your cash on a small car.
But why should a small car be significantly cheaper than a large car? People don't buy small cars because they can't afford a large car, but because they want a small car. Even if it costs more.

Small cars have quite a few advantages. They are usually lighter with better handling. They are easier to park and drive around narrow city streets. It takes less time to clean it. It takes less time to heat it up or cool it down. It is less likely to get stuck in slippery conditions. It consumes less energy/fuel. It pollutes less. It has less brake lining and tire wear.

Did you ever see a review of a Ferrari 458 where it was mentioned that you could get a larger car for less money?

The F30 (3-series) would have to be significantly cheaper than the F20 for me to even consider buying one. It is simply too large.