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This is how the new 3er (F30) should look like; okay, the new 3D nose could still be added.

I really wonder on the BMW design; the new cars like 7er and 5er are beautiful.
After the harmonic form of the new 5er, they have made the new F30 3er that looks as glued together from two completely different cars.
The body is that of a classic sedan, the nose (bonnet) looks like a reinterpretation or a cheap Chinese copy of a Ferrari FF.

I got the F30 3er catalogue and I visited the showroom, however I could not bring myself to order the new 3er; a tragedy for BMW considering that mechanically it's the best car on the market.
The new F30 3er has a disturbing design (aka Disturbia from Rihanna; it may be a hit, however I don't want it in my house).

Anyway; again a beautiful render; like the most beautiful 1er Active Tourer Concept, 5er, 7er, X6, X5.
On the other hand the ugly 1er, Disturbia F30 3er, X1, X3.

Now I understand why Scott26 gave the title Jeklly and Hide to the rendering of the 2er.
The designers at BMW have a split personality; they make or truly handsome cars or ugly Disturbia ones.
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