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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I have done this quick rendering in Paint over an existing 1er Coupe illustration.

And depending what model-line there will be the option of decorative trim surrounding circular fog-lights.
Thanks Scott26!! you're a real treasure

The rendering looks very attractive.
I like that BMW is making a diversification of design. (i-Electrical brand included)

Audi cars look like the same car that got inflated with CO2 to various sizes egg-like design, sort off

The only thing that is of some concern is that the front of the car looks very low. I hope that you're not going to copy the new 3 series.
The new 3 series is the best design after the legendary E36 model, however, I don't find it that harmonic as a whole.
The massive rear end and the steep front windscreen (both typical in sedans) don't go that well with that re-interpretation of the Ferrari FF nose, a nose that should be on a sports car. That nose should do wonders for the coupe form.
Above all that nose is broken in the final 1/3 of its length, and the eyes (lights) are somewhat hidden (if you stand by your car, you don't see the car "in the eyes"); another thing that is rather unusual for a sedan with otherwise classic body proportions.
The lines of the 5er and the 1erVan Concept are much more fluent and without the sharp cuts and lines that are in sharp contrast with bow fluid lines found elsewhere (example, the bonnet curve).

Now that you added that last pic I must say that your first render looks really cute and that in a very serious manner!!

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