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The 3 series sales (Europe) give a good lesson: sedan is what we would buy (the emotions), a caravan (practicality) is what gets brought home.
Two completely different things.
A decisive factor also for SUV success.

In addition to the above let's consider the European car market fall and sharp economic climate. Companies (cca. 80% of sales for Audi, BMW) are trimming every expense.
One of the main factors of luxury is how much width interior space is there for driver and passenger. The worst thing in a car is when you have to keep your elbows glued to your body.

A3 Sportback (new) offers 1.453mm front width; Golf VII 1.469mm and BMW 3 series 1.451mm.
A3 Sportback has the same "day to day" use value of a BMW 3 series Caravan, is less long and far less expensive. The interior driver/co-driver space is on the same level.
What do you think is going to get brought home in an economic downturn? Emotions? How well you can speed through road bends on the occasional weekend trip?
By the way, I'm not talking about space on back seats, since I'm not a cab/taxi driver.

The drawing of the 2er Gran Coupe series looks very narrow. The 1 series has a sort of a cramped interior of a VW Polo (small city car). You must keep your elbows between your knees.
So what is this 2er Gran Coupe drawing? a prolonged sleek stylish Polo? The 2er Gran coupe needs to get ENLARGED and that ASAP.
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