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Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
never seen so much rubbish written in a single post.
whichever way you look at it F20 has been a success and certainly has a lot more road presence than both Golf and A3 put together.
BMW 1er has more road presence than BOTH Golf and A3 put together???
So all those hundreds of thousands of sold Golfs are hiding themselves in the woods, considering that Audi A3 alone reaches the numbers of the 1er.

January to May 2012; Germany; only sales to consumers (not companies)
VW Golf 23.383 (end of lifetime)
Mercedes B 13.506
VW Golf plus 11.856 (7 years old model)
Mercedes C class 9.999
Mercedes A class (end of lifetime) 9.586
BMW 1er NEW 7.663

January to May 2012; all sales; Germany
VW Golf 84.293
VW Passat 36.602
Mercedes C class 30.206
BMW 3er 27.923
Mercedes B class 23.540
BMW 1er NEW 22.884
VW Golf Plus 21.746
Audi A3 (end of lifetime; 9 years old model) 19.738

So this F20 success is selling as good as 9 years old prehistoric A3.
Private consumers bought almost twice as much Golf Plus (higher roof model that was thought as a NICHE model) that is also prehistoric, old and it's going to have a successor in a year time.

The majority of our family friends drive BMWs; new models should total some 20 cars.
I wanted a new compact. BMW has the best compact; technologically. However, I'm not going to bring that design in my garage.

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