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I think that statistics shows that 3/4 of such sedans as the 3er, VW Passat Caravan (and other brands) are sold in Germany in Touring/Caravan form; such cars are in vast majority company cars.
Other global markets put elegance in the first place, the cars reflect personal taste and not a company "transport", therefore Sedan has a much bigger importance.

Mercedes is in all probability going to heavily answer the expectations of Asian and American markets with the new 2013 S class and the new 2014 C class.

The new 2013 S-class exterior styling reminds me of some retro fluid elegance that was poured into a modern form. This, combined with the sheer size and a yacht appearance, makes a very imponent appearance. The design is restrained, and as such it will look good even after 20 years.
Americans and the Asian market are going to love it.
I personally have only one problem; the command panel patched with a peace of plastic with the navigation/menu screen into a long "info" display. It looks as melded in a cheap Chinese factory.

I saw only renderings/drawings of the new 2014 C-class on a computer screen, so I reserve the final appreciation.
From what I saw, the new car is going to be considerably longer. The front doors are therefore very coupe like, elongated and low, the passenger dome is like a big medieval bow and the butt is short and crisp. The bonnet is very long, the impression comes from it being quite slowly falling into an impressive grill.
The C 2014 class is not a sedan anymore, it is a full limousine.
For European everyday life far too long; I would stuck in the traffic of the Italian cities on the first occasion.
For American roads it's going to be perfect, Asians love such long forms (3er got elongated for the Chinese market as you can remember).