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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
What nonsense I have read on this thread.

Nico Huet, the designer of the F20, is not getting fired, because the car has exceeded BMW's expectations and is a success.

The 2er is not back to the drawing board as the car has nothing to do with the 1er in the first place. It will be familiar but executed differently.
We might be coming late to the market but the 6er Gran Coupe shows that when we do we make a lot of noise.
Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
Scott is correct. F20 is doing quite well.
F20 is a success? did BMW hire Jürgen Schrempp for internal motivation courses?

Mercedes sold more than 50.000 new A class vehicles even before the Paris Motor Show.
After the Show, more than 60.000 visitors stormed dealerships all across France. (considering that the french auto market is in free fall...this could be named success)
Not everything is in the sales(many will not buy, however they'll want it and the brand and car perception and desirability are going to skyrocket).

Let me think; BMW has a technologically superior car in a key European market for this type of cars, premium rear wheel drive, superb engines, automatic transmission that can rival a Rolls and? the introduction of F20 was a prime event for those in BMW marketing department (more or less)
What competition did BMW face? OLD VW Golf, and OLD Audi A3.
So, BMW F20 WAS (past term) doing quite well.

Mercedes was against a new BMW F20, a just presented new generation of VW Golf, new Audi A3, new Audi A3 sportback, new Toyota Auris, Volvo V40.
Mercedes is offering a mass market "Golf" FWD car with a Mercedes badge.

BMW F20, technically by far the most advanced compact, got hit my mass market compacts ONLY because of the design.
The designer team is not getting fired, no, no...
The workers will get fired, if the production lowers itself (a). Some (design) visionaries will proclaim success at the same time... Well, it's true that art is difficult and not for everyone to understand,...

(a) (European market is heading towards a collapse next year; today the news just got out, that VW is reducing production of cars bigger than Golf because companies are reducing orders; I think that 70% of BMWs are sold to companies?)

About the 2er; familiar to the 1er?
More shoulder room than the 1er, a larger car is needed. And a new dashboard and central console, since the current one is far from premium.

The new 2er is crucial for BMW, to mend things in the compact segment. The only problem being, that is has to go on sale in early 2014.
BMW might get hit very hard on the European market without a 2er sedan.
The second car important for the European market is going to be that BMW 1 Van.
Two cars, each with a mission.

I almost forgot. My friend has the new 7er (bought not leased) and was looking at that 6er Gran coupe. Conclusion? Would buy but I prefer the 7er at this price point. I fully share his opinion; by the way, we are both 30+ years old.
Yes, BMW made lots of noise. When the noise placates, it's to hope that grave silence it not going to reign (aka Maybach).

The picture below is taken from the German Auto-Motor und Sport magazine (article: Designer cars with limited usability).
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