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Originally Posted by research

BMW "premium feel" in small segment usually means high price, BMW badge and often weird styling.

Audi does "premium feel" much better in small cars segment. It's interiors quality is superb through the range (look at A1) and while they also charge quite a bit, at least you get almost A8 quality cabin in a small city car. Unfortunately when it comes to 1 series the cabin materials are certainly not 7 or even 5 series good. It's just "premium" price.

I would agree with you, if you were referring to the old models
It is obvious you have not sat in a F20 / F21.
It is now 5 series (5 star) interior quality finish and feel.

I think BMW has finally woken up to the fact that they had to lift their game or get left behind.

My F20 125i M Sport is a hands down winner