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Originally Posted by SCOTT26
Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
"Given BMW's design director Adrian Van Hooydunk's admiration for the Hyundai Veloster . The 2er Gran Sport Tourer aims to enhance that level of individuality but offer customers the exciting profile of a Coupe and sports tourer, "

...I spit out my drink reading this... VH has lost his mind... this is desire by marketing panel not aesthetics...
The Hyundai Veloster is actually a great looking little car with very decent sporting dynamics and far more communication for the driver than an equivalent Audi. I like cars that dare to do something different and stress individuality over the conventional option.

The genes from the Gran Sport Tourer actually manifest themselves within the BMW 2002 and the sporting Coupe like Touring models.
But GST is designed to be more sporting and innovative to the customer.
One promise is made no matter if the car is FWD or RWD BMW aim to offer customers the most sporting , dynamic , innovative and exciting propositions in the entry segment.
Cars are more personal today especially as technology progresses, the car is no longer that tool for A-B. Style , individuality, driveability and innovation is what signifies the expression of the car in this age and especially a BMW.

The 2er Gran Coupe and 2er Gran Sport Tourer are exclusively RWD.
That is brought on by the fact that BMW customers would prefer a small four door sports sedan but only if it is rear wheel drive.
By making the 2er Gran Coupe RWD it sends out a strong message to the FWD competition the 2er will face namely the Mercedes-Benz CLA and Audi A3Sedan that BMW are targeting enthusiasts with what they want from a small sedan.
The Veloster is a car that has been highly criticized for the lack of sporting dynamics. I hate Audi, However I have driven the closest Audi we in the usa have to the Veloster (A3) and I have driven the Veloster. The Audi is the better drive without question. Also, since you work for BMW I would expect a little more professionalism. Low cuts are not what BMW does.

Moving on...... keep the weight low, have an I6 option, have a manual option, and work on the steering some more and it will be an epic car.