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Let's get back to reality; 4 series (4 door pricing)? a 3 series with a sleek roof that should cost more than a 5 series.

Now we should get a FWD 2 series Gran Coupe that should cost more than a 3 series?

3series GT with a price to mach a 5 series.

on so on.
BMW is counting on China and on Leasing contracts; European tax laws are slowly changing, in few years it will be cheaper to buy a car personally than to lease it on the company. Only 20% of sold cars go to customers (Germany).
China is slowing down and maturing as a market (few years back you had to pay extra on the list price if you wanted a normal delivery time; now you get 20 off the list price if the producer wants to avoid sitting on the "luxury" car).

Long term? BMW should avoid Audi marketing and sale methods.