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Arrow BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe and 2 Series Gran Sport Tourer : Dr Jekyll & Herr Hyde

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Dr Jekyll and Herr Hyde.

BMW 2er Gran Coupe and 2er Gran Sport Tourer.

In a strategy to bring a more radical approach to the compact segment in terms of innovation and desirability. BMW are currently working on an entirely introductory downsized luxury model for the compact segment. Spurred on by an increasing demand for downsized luxury cars and potential competitors from Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

BMW are set to introduce their 2er line in a more expansive programme emulating the larger 6er and forthcoming 4er family line to offer the customer a more sporting and exclusive option.

The key symmetrical approach for BMW would be to develop a 1er Sedan off of their new modular FWD architecture alongside a currently in development MINI sedan - aimed at increasing the potential of the popular small car in markets where small sedans are showing exceptional growth such as China and the US. BMW reckon that given the global outlook for small sedans. A MINI sedan could in theory be the best selling MINI after the current MINI Countryman. A FWD BMW 1er sedan would be the logical choice so it can be engineered alongside the MINI sedan. Except for one small issue... BMW customers want a RWD small sedan.


BMW are pushing ahead with their Gran Coupe series to accomodate the 4er after the introduction of the BMW 6er Gran Coupe.

The BMW 2er Gran Coupe now extends the 2er family and will offer a more flexible option for the customer that likes Coupe looks and performance but needs that extra practicality but finds the current 3er out of range or too large for their needs.

Excitement is what BMW wants to create in the FWD dominated compact segment and the Gran Coupe (RWD) is a car to bring classic sporting BMW values and a sense of tradition against modern rivals.

The 2er line showcases in design the need for individuality and seperation against its bretheren with both the RWD and FWD BMW 1er models showcasing this intention to highlight the more sportier look of the seperate 2er.

The 2er Gran Coupe showcases an individual appearance for the front and rear ends of the car over the current distinctive 1er. Their is a bloodline on the upcoming Coupe and Cabrio models but it is at the mid-line where the glasshouse meets the shoulder line when the car gets interesting. Because of the stretch to accomodate a slightly lengthened platform as per the other Gran Coupe models the elongated roofline is lower ,more rounded and coupe esque in profile which fits in well with the short overhangs both front and rear of the 2er and that typical BMW wheel at each corner make it look almost like the E46 3er in side profile and in every respect as desirable as an E46.

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The next 2er model showcases BMW innovation at its strongest especially for the experimental compact segment. A Touring would be the conventional reaction but BMW are defying the conventional in what to bring to an exciting growth segment , a concept which is appealing to those that desire something innovative and fresh in design but still combining practicality and exclusivity and that all important premium feel.

BMW are currently looking at the creation of another line - "Gran Tourer" to showcase more desirable and stylish approach to re-inventing the Touring for customers that would prefer more exclusivity than utility and to appeal to markets where the wagon (Touring) is all but dead.The Gran Tourer line is being investigated with a 6er model and potentially a 4er model being more exclusive and stylish Shooting Brakes.

Given BMW's design director Adrian Van Hooydunk's admiration for the Hyundai Veloster . The 2er Gran Sport Tourer aims to enhance that level of individuality but offer customers the exciting profile of a Coupe and sports tourer, the idea actually comes from BMW's history in the guise of the classic 1600/2002 Touring model or indeed the GT coupe. Sporting looks with reasonable practicality and a full blooded RWD BMW. The Hyundai Veloster evokes an A-symmetrical language something that has been explored at BMW and an interesting feature on the MINI Clubman.

A-Symmetrical design ideas are very much in the plan for BMW and the Gran Sport Tourer takes A-symmetry to a new level of creativity for BMW.

The idea of a Sports Tourer with a split personality - A Jekyll and hyde concept is the idea of having a sportier coupe on the drivers side enhanced by a single large door opening into the passenger compartment. Whilst on the passenger side a conventional door with a recessed rear hinged door opening into the passenger cell.

The car will still be recognisable as a 2er but the more flat raked rear echoes the1600/2002 Touring which allows BMW to showcase a more historical but with added contemporary style link from the 2er to the 2002.

The BMW 2er will be BMW's response to the Mercedes-Benz CLA and Audi A3 Sedan. And it is all about offering new customers and BMW customers that want a more practical sporting sedan the most exciting and dynamic sporting option in this highly competitive segment.

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The priority question has to be what of a BMW M2 Gran Coupe?

Well question of M variants for the Gran Coupe or Gran Sports Tourer are not so advanced as the M2 Coupe is progressing first. The potential is there for a smaller more focused M sedan from customers old and new alike but BMW might just follow suit as the predecessor M3 E30 and only offer a Coupe. As I stated earlier plans for such a model at M for a M2 Gran Coupe is not final at the current time.

Of course many enthusiasts excited at the prospect of a compact RWD M.sedan would be vocal for them not to consider evaluating the idea.
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