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Sorry Harold, Huge supporter of your work But I am afraid that 2er is a bit too Damien Hurst for me.

The basic "outline" is more like this...
Classic 2dr BMW that began with the 1600/2002 to the E30 and the E82.

There seems to be a "Just because" mentality that thinks that "Just because" this car has so-so BHP that we should better it and make it faster!

I can name lots of cars that many think "Just because" that BMW M should immitate them and their outputs when actual fact when these cars come against M they falter in the key areas which is symbolic with an M driver.
And they do not just falter they fail because their marketing dept. promises much.

For the next generation 1M (M2) everything will remain the same , same entry specifics , same power output except from one thing the car will get lighter. Logically with the M3 getting a six cylinder even though rivals still feature a V8. BMW M are looking at and having engineered four cylinder prototypes based on reworked N20's as the logic choice for the next car.

The interesting aspect about the development of the F22 is that it has already commenced in some areas therfore the car will have a more mature development process in light of the ultra-fast eighteen months to production for the E82.
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